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"Hosting the conversation on God, Faith, Life and Culture"



Hope to Humanity operates the "Missions" aspect of the Gospel Exchange. We are dedicated to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to every local and international community God lays on our hearts. We believe it's our responsibility to lay the foundation of God's reconciling and saving message to all that would listen, and to disciple hearts to live a life aflame with love for Jesus. 

We love seeing people healed, delivered and set free of strongholds, addictions and sin. It's been a tremendous blessing to meet the needs of those that are hungry, thirsty, hurting and broken.  It's been an honor and privilege to meet some of the most amazing people and kids through our projects. We consider them our friends and family and we wanted to say "thank you" to them for allowing us into their lives and sharing their life's journey.  

It's beautiful to see lives encounter Jesus. It's what it's all about.




THE JESUS PROJECT: Partnership with local Pastors and Churches allows us to reach the unreached. This project focuses on street evangelism and sharing the Hope of the World -  Jesus Christ.  We've been privileged to work within Indigenous communities and alongside several Christian churches through preaching and ministerial outreach.


OPERATION DREAM: This area of ministry focuses on equal educational opportunity for every child by providing basic needs items necessary for schooling and family support. Dreams are a big part of life - sometimes it's the very hope that keeps us pressing on to a another day in, believing and knowing the best is yet to come. Our kids are the future and they deserve the best. To date, we have donated over 9000 educational books to several institutions and families in need. 


THE X-CHANGE SQUARE: This is an online media based outlet for teenagers and young adults that's impacting their culture and surrounding environment for Jesus Christ through various genres of artistic expressions. This will be a platform for them to share their ministry and  be encouraged into the next generation of leadership. The Gospel is alive and it's all about impartation. Young adults are crying out for direction, revelation and real love. Living a separated life unto God is difficult in the world we live, but not impossible. Walking against the grain of the status quo is hard but necessary in maintaining intimacy with God. 


THE EDEN PROJECTS: Focuses on offering personal and community assistance in the building, repairing and sustaining of critical infrastructure within communities such as schools, churches, libraries and homes.



THE SCARLET CORD PROJECT: We are partnering with Orphanages and Juvenile Centers to provide life application skill training and spiritual support. We believe that every human being needs to be sheltered in an environment that nourishes their mind, soul and body. Our hope is to provide the care and support to "at risk" kids that's in need of the basic human right  - "to be loved, cared for and provided for".



Founded in 2015, Hope to Humanity  focuses on the "Missions" aspect of The Gospel Exchange. Our current mission bases are Clearwater Florida - USA, Jersey City New Jersey - USA and East Bank Demerara GUYANA.

If you would like to support, contribute or lend your efforts to any of HTH's projects, please check out the SUPPORT tab on the many ways your efforts can affect change for Jesus Christ.

We are honored for your partnership and are truly grateful and humbled. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

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