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Largo, Forida 33770

"Hosting the conversation on God, Faith, Life and Culture"


statement of belief

We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative word of God. It is God's love letter to all mankind. It is the only compass given to us to navigate life.

We believe in 'One' self-existing God who reveals Himself through the fellowship, relationship and unity of three distinct persons - the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of the Living God. We believe in His virgin birth, His sinless life, His miraculous ministry, His crucifixion and death on the cross as full payment and atonement for the penalty of our sins, His decension into Hades to bring eternal victory to those that believe on His name, His resurrection, His ascension and His second coming to bring forth justice and peace.

We believe in the Fall of ALL Mankind, we are separated from God because of inherent sin.

We believe in the reconciliation and redemption of ALL Mankind through the shed blood and ultimate death of Jesus Christ on the cross. He is ONLY substitute that took the penalty for our sin. We are forgiven through repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We believe in the submersion of water baptism as a public declaration of our faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Baptism and Immersion of the Holy Spirit evidence by the grace of speaking in another tongue for the empowerment of living a sanctified, separated and consecrated life towards God.

We believe divine healing is provided for through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and available to all believers.

We believe in the resurrection of the saints. Jesus is alive and calls us to live with Him forever. It is the power and message of the Gospel.

We believe God wants us, desires us and loves us beyond eternity.